Size: 9.5" x 5.5" x 1"
Material: Filled Resin

Time: c. AD 550 -950
Location: Mayan Culture, Central Mexico

The Maya were one of the greatest and most advanced civilizations in the New World. Their cities, architecture, and art astounded the European Conquistadors. They had great libraries, advanced mathematics, and a knowledge of astronomy which often exceeded their European contemporaries. The spirit serpent is a crucial figure in Maya religion because it could provide a direct link between this world and the next. Invoking the spirit serpent required a blood sacrifice by the invoker! This was usually obtained by piercing the body and dripping blood on specially prepared jaguar papers. In this reproduction of a Mayan stele, the blood soaked papers are shown in a bowl at the bottom. With appropriate incantations, the paper is ignited and, if successful, the arising smoke forms into the spirit serpent which can bring forth the person or god that you are attempting to contact. The spirit, often an ancestor, is shown emerging from the mouth of the serpent. This ritual, often publically witnessed, was one of the most important and sacred parts of Mayan religious life.

ID #: MYSW0028

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