One of the reasons that Theurgics was created is due to the belief that our culture is in serious danger of losing touch with its roots. Between the impact of many Hollywood movie stereotype products and the commercial efforts to exploit popular themes, we are being presented with seriously distorted pictures of our own past. Ironically, the real stories in our past are often more fantastic, more glorious, more touching, and more mysterious than the ones presented to us in the marketplace.

Most of the articles presented to people today as, say, "Egyptian" or "Greek" or "Celtic" have little or no relationship with anything ever produced by these cultures. Rather they are all too often the product of a modern marketing effort attempting to capitalize on what they imagine people today have come to believe an Egyptian product, for example, should look like. Our ancestors were really bright and clever people. Their tools were different. However, their motivations, their problems, their frustrations, their joys and their objectives were probably very similar to ours. They built some of the most magnificent and enigmatic structures the world has ever seen. They achieved mastery with certain tools and materials that are beyond anyone’s ability today. They developed techniques with metal, ceramics and textiles that scientists are still trying to understand. They developed advanced political and cultural systems. They built dams and raised roadways, they irrigated mountainsides and deserts. They explored the world, survived its harshest climates and indeed left their mark. We are their legacy.

So when you see a glitzy "Egyptian" piece or primitive looks "Greek" jewelry, remember that artist’s egos haven’t changed in thousands of years. You have only to look at the simple perfection of a Greek Cycladic figure, the intricacy of a 3,000 year old Chinese jade carving, the detailed beauty of a tiny, 1,500 year old gold shaman from South America or the powerful flowing lines of a horse carved into rock 17,000 years ago to know that these artists would never have produced or accepted some of the works that are attributed to them today.

Our products and collections seek to honor the creative and innovative nature of all peoples. Their stories provide a sense of connection to not only our own origins but to understanding that we are all part of a magnificent family with similarities and differences that are timeless.

We are committed to authenticity, accuracy and story telling. In that vein, we are very proud to provide our customers the highest quality products as a reminder that the legacies of the past echo in the present and suggest directions for the future.

Theurgics is a labor of love, borne out of an idea of its founder, Dr. Creve Maples, to couple accurate reproductions of real antiquities with the tradition of story telling in order to introduce people to past cultures and ideas. Rather than trying to provide a whole cultural history, we simply tell the story of a fascinating object. Separate fact from fiction, the known from the unknown, and the object becomes a key that unlocks the story every time you look at it. In addition to providing interesting and beautiful works of art, he hopes the recreations will provoke new questions and ideas. His desire is to invoke in customers a spirit of curiosity and a quest to learn more about our ancient ancestors and the common threads that unite us.

Please join us in our journey as we seek to share people’s pride and sadness, discover their passion and humor, experience their determination and devotion, marvel at their art and ingenuity and learn about our similarities and differences. Our products and collections reflect the creative and innovative nature of mankind.

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