Two Crowns Of Mentuhotep (Plaque)
Size: 9" x 12"
Material: Filled Resin, mounted on custom wood plaque
Time: c. 2010 BC
Location: Armant, Egypt

Before 2000 BC, Egypt was two kingdoms: Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt. The 11th Dynasty King, Mentuhotep II, ruling from 2040-2009 BC, succeeded in uniting both Egypts into one country for the first time, a consolidation lasting for almost 2000 years. To mark his success, he took a new name, Nebhepetre (son of Ra). The new double crown of Egypt incorporated the conical white crown of Upper Egypt and the Red Crown of Lower Egypt; the former seated inside the latter. This full size reproduction of a celebration scene from Armant shows Mentuhotep on the left wearing the Red Crown and on the right wearing a nemes headdress.

ID # :   EGRW002P (plaque)
EGRW0028 (wall stele)

Two Crowns of Mentuhotep (Wall Stele)
Size: 6" x 10"
Exclusive to Theurgics Ltd.
Life size - Hand Painted


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