Running Horse Petroglyph

Size: 13" x 20" x 1"
Material: Cast Stone
Time: c. 15,000 BC
Location: Lascaux Cave, Montignac, France

Few things surpass the beauty and elegance of a running horse. The graceful flow of line and form has been portrayed in countless drawings, sculptures and photographs. Man has been compelled to capture these wonderful images since the beginning of art itself. This beautiful horse petroglyph is an exquisite testimony to both the artistry and observational skills of the original creator. Petroglyphs refer to carved representations or symbols by our pre-historic ancestors. This is a meticulous, full-size recreation of one of over 500 works of art found in a single cave, Lascaux (now closed to the public), in France. This particular figure is chiseled into the cave wall in an area known as the "Nave Gallery". From a cave wall to your wall, the simple elegance of this exclusive three dimensional figure will make a dramatic and thought provoking statement in any location for a very, very long time.

ID #:  NERW0016

Origiinal Running Horse Petroglyph

Running Horse Petroglyph
Exclusive to Theurgics Ltd.
Life size - Hand Painted



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