Red Crown King (Plaque)
Size: 15" x 12"
Material: Filled Resin, mounted on  custom wood plaque
Time: c. 2030 BC
Location: Thebes, Egypt

The first Crown of Egypt! The "Red Crown" was worn for centuries by pharaohs in Lower Egypt, the less advanced of the two Egyptian civilizations in the 3rd millennium BC. The Red Crown was worn by Mentuhotep II, the ruler of Lower Egypt, when he conquered Upper Egypt around 2050 BC and united the two separate kingdoms into the Egypt of today. The Red Crown was then combined with the tall elegant conical White Crown of Upper Egypt into the Double Crown, first worn by Mentuhotep II, representing the unification of all of Egypt . This full sized copy of a painted limestone wall relief from Thebes shows Mentuhotep II, the last Pharaoh to wear the Red Crown.

ID #: EGRW004P (Plaque)
EGRW0048 (Wall Stele)  

Red Crown King (Wall Stele)

                      Size: 13.5" x 10" x 1"

Exclusive to Theurgics Ltd.
Life size - Hand Painted


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