Size: 4.25 x 4
Material: Stone Filled Resin
Time: c. AD 1000
Location: Chavin Culture, Northern Peru

Although Gothic in appearance, the original of this primitive candle holder was carved on the other side of the world over a 1000 years before Europe’s Gothic period began. It is molded directly from an ancient stone macehead carved by the Chavin de Huantar people in north central Peru. The Chavin were the first of the several great Andean cultures, and were a severe and brutal people. This piece, originally sculpted from a single piece of stone and painted with red cinnabar, is an example of the weaponry they used against an enemy. The Chavin culture began in 1200 BC and were the dominant culture of northern Peru, reaching their peak about 400 BC. They spread their religious influence throughout the region, and continued up to AD 1200. Even today the artistry of Chavin works in gold, ceramics and stone, is astounding. Despite its intended use, this powerful stone carving illustrates both the surprising artistry of the Chavin and their extraordinary skill with stone. For that elegant but primitive look or for those who enjoy a taste of Gothic romance, let the Chavin candle holder light your table.

ID # :

CVCC0016 (Black)
CVCC001W (Grey)
(Black Pair)
(Grey pair)

Cast Directly From Original
Exclusive to Theurgics Ltd.
Life size


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