Carved Incensario 
Size: 3.5" diameter, 2.5" tall
Material: Cast Stone

Cast Directly From Original
Exclusive to Theurgics Ltd.
Life Size - Hand Painted

Time: c. AD 1400
Location: Hohokam Culture, AZ, USA

Connect to the wise and peaceful indigenous Hohokums by using this replica of a 600 year-old sandstone incense burner. The Hohokams lived for over a thousand years in southern Arizona, long before Cortez destroyed the Aztecs in Mexico or Pizarro toppled the Incas in South America. Even before the Pilgrims landed in North America, the Hohokums lived in harmony with the harsh desert, creating hundreds of miles of deep, wide irrigation canals that are still in use today. They lived as farmers and craftsmen, deeply committed to peace, deeply opposed to violence and aggression. No one knows how or why they vanished. Whether the original beautifully carved stone burner was used by a shaman, chief or average family is lost to us. But add a votive candle or herbal incense to our exact reproduction and perhaps, in the flickering light, curling smoke or glowing coals you can share a moment with these wise and peaceful "vanished ones".

ID #:

HOCC001R (Single Item)


Original Carved Incensario
Original Carved Incensario


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