Athena Coin Pendant
Size: 1-1/2" coin, 19-1/2" chain
Material: Sterling Silver
Time: c. 200 BC
Location: Athens, Greece

This beautiful sterling silver coin is an exact replica of an ancient Greek Tetradrachm used in Athens 200 years before the birth of Christ. One side features beautiful Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, protector of the people. The other side an owl, Athena's bird and symbol of wisdom, is shown perched on an amphora. These earthenware containers were used to hold wine or oil. This beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry combines history and mythology while celebrating the wisdom and power of women.

ID #: GRCJ001J
Athena Coin Pendant (enlarged)

Exclusive to Theurgics Ltd.
Life size - Casted From the Original


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