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Most of our products are both unique and exclusive to Theurgics.

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We classify our products as:

A) Exact Recreations

These products are primarily developed by locating and acquiring the original artifact. Using an exclusive proprietary process, exact molds are made from the original artifact in a manner that does not endanger it. Reproductions are then made directly from these molds. Each reproduction is then individually hand painted meticulously to match the original piece. This work is performed by skilled technicians and artists in the United States.
(2) If the original piece is not directly available, we will attempt to acquire a mold, or the rights to create a mold (using our proprietary non-invasive technology), from the owner. Such rights are typically exclusive to Theurgics.

B) Sculpted Creations
In cases where it is not possible to obtain direct access to an object, such as cultural treasures, our artists will utilize photographs and measurements of the piece to meticulously create an exact model of the original. Such models are checked for accuracy by directly overlaying life size photographs of the original onto the sculptured model. Molds are then made from the final master sculpture.

C) Scaled Recreations
In some cases, practicality dictates that a recreation needs to be scaled (usually down) from its original size. In such cases, the procedure outlined above in Section B is followed.

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